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Join us for in person programs and enjoy learning, growing, connecting, and renewing with guest teachers at the Sanctuary





Join us in 2023 for an in person retreat. Enter your contact information below to receive our announcement this winter when 2023 dates are posted for the first chance to reserve your spot.



August 26th-28th Learning Energetics from Nature with Betzy Bancroft

Through the interactions of earth, water, air and fire all of life becomes possible, and this natural view is the framework underlying many great medical systems of the world. In this class, we will learn to recognize the behavior and personality of the elements in nature and the body, and how they embody the fundamental qualities of heat, cold, damp and dry. Exploring these qualities helps us recognize symptom patterns and chronic tendencies that underly our states of health. We’ll discuss herbs and practical strategies to help us facilitate balance and healing using these principles.



Forest and Nature Therapy Immersion with Todd Lynch

Forest and Nature Therapy offers us the opportunity to slow down. It re-aligns our rhythms with the landscape, allowing our senses a respite from everyday demands and uncertainties. It’s a chance to remember ourselves and the joyful relationships that await us outside. Guided Forest and Nature Therapy walk is not a hike or naturalist adventure, but an opportunity to slow down and allow our bodies to engage all of our senses. These prompts are the gateways through which we can use our senses to explore the sensations we’re immersed in from moment to moment.


Deep Connection with Nature
with Betzy Bancroft

Join us to gather with herbalist Betzy Bancroft to deepen our connection with nature. Humans are part of nature, and nature is part of humans. Through the exploration of our microbiota especially, we discover just how very deep this connection is. How have we lost this intrinsic relationship, what has its impact on our wellbeing been, and how can we restore our fundamental connection with nature? Our day will include story, science lecture, direct practices and ferments for lunch. Participants will gain a new appreciation of the roles nature plays in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, from microbes to sunlight, and many simple practices to help support healing through reconnection with nature.

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