Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary Brings Humans, Back to Nature

     Founded by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and family in 1987, Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary is one of New England’s foremost conservation education centers. Located on 600 acres within nearly 80,000 acres of contiguous wilderness in central Vermont, this land has provided a sanctuary for over thirty years to plants, animals, and people. We invite you to learn more about Sage Mountain, the classes we offer, and to come and visit, when the time is right.

Participate in online classes and onsite interactive programs. Learn about our unique biodiversity.

Sage Mountain is dedicated to the conservation of unique plant species and the wildlife of our area. 

Through education & conservation, we teach how to utilize plants around us to foster human healing.

Donations support scientists that come to study at Sage Mountain, and to share our lessons with those in need.