Herbal Conferences

The New England Women's Herbal Conference

Each year The New England Women’s Herbal Conference has brought together women herbalists, healers, and plant lovers to share their wisdom of the herbs and natural healing. Though the emphasis at the Women’s Herbal Conference is on women’s health, healing, and well being, the WHC is far more than an educational event. It is a joyful celebration of women spirit and women’s wisdom, as well as a special time of honoring the Earth and her plant rich being.

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The International Herb Symposium

At the IHS, we strive to bring together plant lovers who represent the various aspects of herbalism from folk lore to clinical, farmer and gardener, to shamanic and plant spirit teachings. We strongly feel by interfacing and coming together in the spirit of the green, that we can best expand our green network, not only locally, but globally, creating a mycorrhizal network that is organically ‘shape shifting’ the world of health and healing into a healthier world for all.. We, all of us together, are part of a revolution in health care, and many of the herbalists who will be attending the IHS as speakers and participants alike have helped green the way…..

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