Donald Abrams, MD

Chief of the Hematology-Oncology Division

Donald I. Abrams, MD. is chief of the Hematology-Oncology Division at San Francisco General Hospital and a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He has an Integrative Oncology consultation practice at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. He received an A.B. in Molecular Biology from Brown University in 1972 […]

Ethan Russo, MD

Director of Research and Development

Ethan Russo, MD, is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and Director of Research and Development of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI). Previously, from 2015-2017, he was Medical Director of PHYTECS, a biotechnology company researching and developing innovative approaches targeting the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). From 2003-2014, he served as Senior Medical Advisor, medical […]

Rochelle Baca

Community Herbalist

Rochelle Baca is a Traditional Herbalist and Teacher and offers classes throughout New England on both medicinal herbalism and the medicinal and spiritual properties of Cannabis. In 2006 when her husband fractured his L-1vertebrae and was unable to function on the opiates prescribed for his extreme pain, Rochelle created a Cannabis tincture in a trial […]

Eleanor Kuntz, Ph.D

Co-founder of LeafWorks

Eleanor Kuntz, PhD, has a B.A. degree in Biology with a focus in Botany from Smith College and a PhD in Genetics from the University of Georgia. Eleanor’s academic work focused on gene flow and the evolutionary history between wild and cultivated plants, and has spent her post-graduate career using plant genetics to design and […]

Jody Noe, MS, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Jody E. Noé, MS, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician with over 23 years experience and has been a practicing herbalist for over 30.  She obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and was awarded her Masters of Science in Botany from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. She is the […]

Danielle Saad, D.O

Co-owner of Integr8 Health

Danielle Saad, D.O. is physician board certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California at San Diego, and a degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Midwestern University.  She completed her residency in Family Medicine from Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency with an […]

Kevin Spelman, Ph.D

Natural Products Industry Consultant

Kevin Spelman, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized expert on the molecular biology and clinical therapeutics of botanical medicines. A past National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow and Marie Curie research fellow in the European Union, he has published 27 scientific papers and 6 chapters and been involved in clinical work for 2 decades. Past research has […]

Dustin Sulak, DO

Founder of

Dr. Dustin Sulak is an integrative medicine pioneer with a focus in osteopathy, mind-body medicine, and medical cannabis. Dr. Sulak received undergraduate degrees in nutrition science and biology from Indiana University, a doctorate of osteopathy from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed an osteopathic rotating internship at Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency. Dr. Sulak […]

Tammi Sweet, MS, LMT

Co-director at Heartstone Herbal School

Tammi Sweet, a passionate and energetic teacher, brings 28 years teaching experience into the classroom. Her amazement and wonder of the human body and how it works shines through as she presents the material in ways people can understand and utilize. She loves integrating the wisdom of the body with all aspects of living. Presently […]

Buzz Ferver

Co-owner of Perfect Circle Farm and Nursery

Buzz Ferver is the co-owner of Perfect Circle Farm and Nursery which specializes in edible nuts, fruit and berry plants. His love affair with plants has been a guiding force his entire life.  He studied horticulture and landscape design at the feet of his father in the 1970’s and helped run their family landscape and garden center […]