Welcome to Sage Mountain.  Founded by Rosemary Gladstar and family over 30 years ago, Sage Mountain Retreat Center & Native Plant Preserve is one of New England’s foremost learning centers for herbs and earth awareness. Located on 500 wilderness acres in central Vermont, this beautiful piece of Earth Mother is a natural sanctuary and teaching site. There is an incredible assortment of wild herbs and flowers growing in habitats that vary from meadows to mountaintops, from forest to fens. Our wild neighbors include deer, bear, moose, beavers, bobcat, otters, fox and a wonderful variety of feathered folk that honor us with their presence. Our facilities are simple, rustic and comfortable and provide a relaxing and beautiful place for participants to learn.

Though the knowledge and wisdom shared at our many programs and events has been outstanding and has helped fuel the ‘herbal renaissance’, the teachings have been far more than just informational in nature.  Rich in spirit, they’ve nourished the heart as well as the mind.  Through an ever-growing network with other herbalists and herbal programs/events around the country, we have built a strong green community and have created an interface with other traditions of healing while at the same time keeping an earth based herbal tradition alive and thriving in this country. Often referred to as an herbal renaissance or resurgence, we have witnessed the interest in herbal and natural healing grow extraordinarily and exponentially in the past few years…. thank you for being part of this growing green movement that is transforming modern health and health care in this country.

The Science & Art of Herbalism

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“It seems that as one begins to study herbs, the plant’s essence infuses one’s entire life with joy. People become happier, healthier, more in balance and in tune with their inner dreams. The beauty of the herbs work their gentle magic on the heart of the user.”
~ Rosemary Gladstar

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Announcing the release of Rosemary Gladstar’s newest book

Herbal Healing for Men
Remedies & Recipes

(Published by Storey Publishing, 2017)

In this brilliantly simple, inspiring and eminently practical book, Rosemary introduces you to herbs, remedies and recipes specific for the male body.  Going on the premise that health care involves self care and that the best insurance is knowledge, Rosemary outlines herbal protocols specifically for men, addressing the most common issues and health challenges they face.   With an emphasize on prevention and using herbs to create and sustain well being, Herbal Healing for Men covers herbs for vitality and endurance, sexual vigor and reproductive health, anxiety and stress relief, prostate health, cardiovascular and heart health, and a host of other relevant topics.   Filled with delicious new recipes and remedies specifically for men!

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