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     Now more than ever, climate threats present an urgency to protect rare species and the wildlife corridors they inhabit. Increasingly encroached upon by development, it is harder than ever for keystone species like moose and catamount to meet their needs for survival. Providing animals the wild space to find resources and adapt to these changes is a critical strategy for increasing the odds of their survival as we enter the sixth major extinction. Protecting plants that feed these animals and heal us is critical to our ability to survive longterm as a species through changing weather. And finally, supporting our emotional resilience will be imperative to our ability as humankind to weather these stressful changes.

     At this critical time of climate change, protecting large wildlife corridors is more important than ever. Ensuring protection of the six-hundred acre habitat at Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary serves the rare flora and fauna of this bioregion and is paramount to our mission. Our leadership is poised with the unique opportunity to protect, conserve, and support the regeneration of these integral plant and animal species, while providing education and outreach to influence conservation strategies on municipal and private land in the surrounding area, carrying forth the thirty year legacy of Rosemary Gladstar.

     Through education and outreach, alongside local and national alliances, Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary is a beacon for habitat protection and restoration in Central Vermont and serves as a source of inspiration and education for wildlife and medicinal plant conservation throughout the country.

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