Afterschool in Nature 2022-2023

Afterschool in Nature at Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary is a program serving middle-school aged youth, Monday through Friday, hosted on our 600-acre nature reserve in Orange.

Our Afterschool in Nature curriculum intimately follows the cycle of the seasons, wildlife, and local flora. Youth will explore this ancient rhythm by splashing in mountain streams, helping to grow delicious and healthy foods in the meadow gardens, studying wildlife along the forest trails, and experiencing quality time outdoors through a variety of different activities. In the process, they will learn not only about the natural communities that surround them, but also about themselves, their peers, and the world at large.


Our activities are guided by youth-led learning and nature immersion while integrating STEM objectives, creative arts, and social-emotional learning. Our program provides students with a foundation of physical and mental wellness through land-based, hands-on, outdoor learning and play. Our outdoor educators support youth with decades of nature education experience and trauma-informed training.


Afterschool in Nature offers a sliding scale tuition and scholarships to make this program accessible for all families. We facilitate transportation from local schools in Orange and Washington Counties for those in need. Our program follows state health and safety guidance.


Program begins September 1st, 2022.

Space is intentionally limited to ensure quality experience.

Contact / 802-479-9825 with questions.

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