The Land and Nature of Sage Mountain

Sage Mountain, located in Central Vermont, provides unique learning experiences for families, school systems, and scientists a like. Learn how each piece of our fantastic location serves to provide a special learning experience.

A unique intersection of elevation, geology, and climate make for a highly biodiverse collection of ecosystems, comprised of a variety of natural communities including the rare Northern White Cedar Swamp, all supporting a vast array of uncommon and threatened flora and fauna.

Sage Mountain, much of which climbs above 2000′ above sea level provides a  unique ecosystem not found at lower elevations such as the Northern White Cedar Seepage Forest.

Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary covers an expansive 600 acres of wilderness in Central Vermont that directly abuts more than 100,000 acres of contiguous forest supporting a vast array of uncommon, and threatened, flora and fauna.

Our location abuts 100,000+ acres of contiguous forest. Sage Mountain is teeming with wildlife. See who our common visitors are, and learn more about our conservation efforts.

With over 30 years of legacy and over 200 cataloged species, our gardens hold unique cultural significance to herbalists, botanists and the greater New England gardening community.

A fen is a peat-forming, permanently saturated wetland fed by upwelling groundwater. Learn how fens ar an integral part of our biodiversity.

With over ten miles of interpretive trails through the forest habitat, visitors can directly connect with the inspiration and education that nature offers.

Sage Mountain’s rich biodiversity is largely attributed to the rich aquatic habitats and riparian corridors covering the mountain.

Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary is home to rare, threatened, uncommon, and at-risk plant species, which play crucial roles in ecosystems with other species relying on them for their survival.

Sage Mountain offers onsite and online learning opportunities! Learn more about programs and opportunities.

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