Connecting Humans & Nature to promote Stewardship and Healing

     Founded by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and family in 1987, Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary is one of New England’s foremost conservation education centers. Located on 600 acres within nearly 80,000 acres of contiguous wilderness in central Vermont, this land has provided a sanctuary for over thirty years to plants, animals, and people. We invite you to learn more about Sage Mountain, the classes we offer, and to become involved in our programs and initiatives.

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Whether you are a former student or simply a fan of Rosemary’s teachings, a visit to the Sanctuary is a special way to connect with the land and her legacy.


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starting Winter Solstice 2022

From Rosemary

For a long time, I have wanted to learn more about the lunar cycles and the influence of the stars and planets on our personal lives. A ‘dabbler’ in celestial ways, I’m ready to dive deeper into the starry realms. I couldn’t imagine a better guide to explore the heavens with than my dear friend and fellow herbalist, Emily Ruff.

One of the brightest Moon Goddess’ and ‘Moonifestors’ that I know, Emily has been strongly influenced by the teachings of her father, Dr. William Ruff, a well known professor and astronomer. She artfully weaves astrology, astronomy, herbalism and healing Earth ways into a practical, clear and inspiring format that makes it so easy to grasp and incorporate into our own personal lives.  

Join Emily in this amazing class, starting Winter Solstice 2022, as we learn to navigate the stars and planets together, creating greater personal health and harmony by aligning ourselves to the pathways and cycles of the Moon.  I look forward to seeing you virtually!

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Home to over 500 documented plant species and a rich wildlife habitat, our unparalleled biodiversity is a model for conservation. Learn about our botanical & wildlife efforts.

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