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Welcome to Sage Mountain.  Founded by Rosemary Gladstar and family over 30 years ago, Sage Mountain Retreat Center & Native Plant Preserve is one of New England’s foremost learning centers for herbs and earth awareness. Located on 500 wilderness acres in central Vermont, this beautiful piece of Earth Mother is a natural sanctuary and teaching site. There is an incredible assortment of wild herbs and flowers growing in habitats that vary from meadows to mountaintops, from forest to fens. Our wild neighbors include deer, bear, moose, beavers, bobcat, otters, fox and a wonderful variety of feathered folk that honor us with their presence. Our facilities are simple, rustic and comfortable and provide a relaxing and beautiful place for participants to learn.

Though the knowledge and wisdom shared at our many programs and events has been outstanding and has helped fuel the ‘herbal renaissance’, the teachings have been far more than just informational in nature.  Rich in spirit, they’ve nourished the heart as well as the mind.  Through an ever-growing network with other herbalists and herbal programs/events around the country, we have built a strong green community and have created an interface with other traditions of healing while at the same time keeping an earth based herbal tradition alive and thriving in this country. Often referred to as an herbal renaissance or resurgence, we have witnessed the interest in herbal and natural healing grow extraordinarily and exponentially in the past few years…. thank you for being part of this growing green movement that is transforming modern health and health care in this country.

A Personal Note from Rosemary Gladstar 

For the past 30 years, Sage Mountain Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary has been a source of inspiration for hundreds if not thousands of people to ‘walk the medicine way’. It’s been my greatest honor to live on this beautiful wild mountain, and along with my husband Robert and a host of amazing helpers over the years, to serve as a caretaker and steward to this land. I can honestly say, it’s been one of the most fantastic relationships of my life, one that has nourished me in every way, and in return allowed me to nourish others. It was here that the dream for United Plant Savers began, the International Herb Symposium was birthed, the Women’s Herbal Conference flourished, Sage Mountain programs, apprenticeships, and intern programs were held every year, and a place where other people’s dreams were seeded, birthed and nurtured. People often came to Sage Mountain thinking they came to study herbs with me, but found they really came to learn from the wild and benevolent nature of the Mountain. She was the sage old teacher, we were her students.

As many of you may know, Robert and I have been searching for the next generation of stewards to take over the ownership and caretaking of the Mountain. It’s not that our love affair with the Mountain is over. Quite the contrary; it’s precisely because we love her as deeply as we do that we want to see the work and the vision of ‘earth awareness and forever wilderness’ on this Mountain continue; we are just wise enough to recognize the need for younger, more energetic visionaries and people as dedicated as we’ve been for the past 30 years to carry forth the work. The great news is that after a fairly long & very thoughtful process of selection, the Mountain has called those people forward.

A group of dedicated individuals under the guidance and leadership of Emily Ruff and Eleanor Kuntz, former students at Sage Mountain, have formed the Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary as a non-profit organization. Deeply committed to protecting the Sage Mountain wilderness corridor, they will be offering educational and research opportunities focused on wilderness restoration and earth stewardship with a strong emphasis on the medicinal plants and wildlife conservation.

Your support in this process is deeply appreciated.
Stay tuned to their progress; follow Sage Mt. on Facebook  & on their website

As for me…my work with plants, of course, will always continue and my involvement with Sage Mountain will continue to evolve, though in a quieter way.  I plan to garden more, travel less, teach closer to home, and spend more time with my wonderful homestudy and online students. I’ve been in the process of rewriting and updating the entire home study course and hope to have it completed soon.  I’ve been completing work on a book about fiery vinegars  and herbal traditions with Fire Cider in the star role, of course! And then, perhaps, I’ll finish writing that great herbal novel I’ve been writing in my head for years now…my Childe Verde & The Garlic Queen tales, a story of love, passion and herbs!   More than anything, I’m just looking forward to spending more time with family and friends, in the garden, and listening, listening deeply to the plants as they call and sing to me…as they always have, guiding me onwards on this magical plant lovers journey

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With gratitude & forever green blessings,

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