Sage Mountain's Commitment to Conservation

     Sage Mountain conducts research and conservation activities with a focus on wildlife, forest, and botanical diversity, and offers a comprehensive educational curriculum online, and interactive learning opportunities at our location in Central Vermont.

     Sage Mountain occupies a unique piece of land that includes the widest biodiversity of plant and wildlife species in the area. Click in to learn more about these unique elements and how we use them to train new generations of land stewards.

     More on the efforts we take to preserve the the plants and varieties that inhabit Sage Mountain.

     More on the efforts we take to preserve the the animals and wildlife that inhabit Sage Mountain.

     The library at Sage Mountain is a premier resource to visitors and program participants for research and education offering more than 14,000 books. Our Herbarium includes more than 4,000 specimens used for learning & conservation.

     Rosemary Gladstar founded Sage Mountain and is internationally renowned for her technical knowledge and stewardship in the global herbalist community. An author of 12 books, an educator, a conservationist, a voice for the plants, and much more.

     To reach a larger, wider, and more progressive audience we now have a library of online learning courses that can be enjoyed year round. Click in to learn more about the types of classes we offer.

     Sage Mountain is home to a whole new world of knowledge. Visit us to enjoy our interpretive learning hikes, take a class on wilderness conservation, enjoy a night of camping, and much more!

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