“Health depends on being in harmony with our soul.”

Dr. Edward Bach

Join herbalist Emily Ruff for a five part series to cultivate a deeper awareness of Flower Essences and how to use them to support your emotional wellbeing, find balance, and create calm in your daily life.

In a world fraught with stress, grief, and trauma, Flower Essences provides a bright light of hope, peace, and possibility for healing.

This five part course explores the history of these remedies, studies the core 38 essences in depth, teaches you how to make and formulate, and provide practical assessment tools for understanding their application.

Whether you’re a practitioner or simply seeking self-care, this course empowers you with tools for emotional wellness for a lifetime.

  • Meet for live classes every-other-week to receive in-depth instruction and personalized mentorship
  • Receive course workbook and eight complementary books for study and practical exercises
  • Video classes are recorded for those who cannot make the live sessions and for later review
  • Receive a bottle of Rescue Remedy / Five Flower Formula to start your journey to calm and peace
  • Receive personalized dosage bottles of unique flower essence formulas throughout the course for experiential learning
  • Connect with other students via a digital community
  • Your five session course begins Tuesday January 26 at 6:30 pm Eastern Time

What Students are Saying:

“My experience with Emily Ruff’s teachings of flower essences is like none other! This class opened a new way of healing for myself and my clients. The gentle, yet powerful energy of flower essences has the ability to transform lives. With the teachings from Emily, you are introduced not only to the power of flower essences, but how you can utilize them in your personal life and create true herbal magic. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to start or deepen their herbal practice and healing.”

Christina Brown, Community Herbalist

“I cannot say enough about the power, thoughtfulness, and wisdom Emily Ruff brings to the study of Flower Essences. I took the class this past fall as the days grew shorter and the darkening shadow of the nights lengthened, both with the changing of seasons and the emotions surrounding current events of these strange days. Emily shares her experiences and expertise with immense tenderness and humor. She teaches discernment of which flowers are best used with a variety of emotions and situations and how to properly and honorably choose, forage, and prepare your own healing essences utilizing flowers local to you. Taking part in this course provided not only in-depth knowledge of the history, uses, and preparation of flower essences, but asked of us students to go within ourselves to discover the ways in which establishing a personal connection with flowers can be beneficial to our bodies, hearts, and spirits. It also prepared us for ways we may help others using plants’ energetic gifts. I learned much while attaining personal enrichment and healing in the process. I highly recommend this valuable course. “

Shay DeGrandis, Community Herbalist student

“Emily Ruff’s Flower Essences for Emotional Health was the perfect intro to the Bach flower essences. Throughout the duration of the course we learned about Bach’s essences and reflected on our own emotional states and habits to better understand how the essences can support us. By the end of the course not only did I come to know all 38 essences, but I also felt as though I’d developed a better awareness of my own emotions. Emily is an awesome teacher whose passion for and understanding of the essences shines in every meeting. I love that she opened the discussion to include essences from other makers and flowers, particularly stressing the importance of making essences in your own environment. Overall a brilliant course with a caring, compassionate teacher!”

Nicholas Pearson, author of Foundations of Reiki Ryoho and Crystals for Healing the Heart

“Emily’s course on flower essences was so empowering in rounding out my healing practice. Now I can add the emotional support of the flowers to the biological support of plants for a more holistic therapy.”

Kenyon Gatlin, yoga therapist C-IAYT

“The Flower Essence class was so much more than I have imagined. It opened my eyes to other alternative methods that are safe and effective for our mental well-being. Emily Made you feel welcomed and relaxed along with a thorough covering of the Flower Essences. I looked forward to each class with enthusiasm and knew that any questions I had would be answered by her or other class mates. I have helped my children, my self and others with what I had learned from Emily. I am very grateful for Emily’s knowledge and kindness.”

Laura Stark

“The Flowers Essence class came at the perfect time in my life. I was going through some life changes and felt some fear and uncertainty, and was fortunate to have the Flowers Essences and Emily’s guidance help me through it. The class allowed me to gain a better understanding of what Flower Essences are and how they work, while helping me understand and discover traits in myself. Additionally, the class taught me to see other’s personalities and emotions in a more understanding and sensitive way, and how to make recommendations for my clients. Emily Ruff is an amazing, compassionate and wise teacher that will inspire you to connect with the flowers. The workbook was also very easy to follow. I highly recommend this class for the mind and heart.”

Sandra Arill, RDH, Community Herbalist

“This course taught me a new way of thinking and healing. Emily gracefully shares the wisdom of flowers and provides extensive resources for independent learning. My grandmother’s beloved dog passed away just yesterday and I immediately ordered her Star of Bethlehem flower essence. I didn’t even have to consult a book. That is the medicine you can walk away with if you take this class.”

Kat Grimmett

“The knowledge that I have gained from the flower essence class has been so helpful to me during these challenging times. I have used a variety of natural methods to maintain and grow my wellness but flower essences has provided me with a tool that specifically supports emotional well-being. Emily Ruff clearly and concisely covers the origins of the Bach flower essences as well as how to make and use flower essences (and so much more). A great class and a wonderful teacher!”

Ginger Jonasz

Enjoy a sample lesson from the course with instructor Emily Ruff


  • Tuition is $295 when you register by January 15th, or $375 thereafter
  • Tuition includes all workbooks, Rescue Remedy, personalized dosage formulas, and postage
  • 26 Continuing Education Units are available for an additional $15 processing fee for Nurses, Midwives, Massage Therapists, and Dietitians in Florida; other licensing boards in other states may also approve credits.
  • VSAC grants are available for Vermont residents.

About Your Instructor

Emily Ruff is a community herbalist who has practiced the art and science of plant healing for fifteen years. Her studies have taken her around three continents where she has studied under healers of many traditions, including an apprenticeship under renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. She has trained with Flower Essence practitioners in North and South America, including her Bach Flower Registered Practitioner training.

Her background in gardening and botany came in childhood while wandering the wilderness and digging in the sandy soils of Florida with her grandfather, a tobacco farmer turned urban gardener, and her father, a botany and astronomy professor. His love of the cosmos was instilled on his daughter at an early age through regular nighttime rituals of watching stars transit and planets journey across the skies.

Emily’s classes have been described as “heart-filled,” “enriching,” and “empowering,” creating a bridge between the teachings of our ancestors and the technologies of our modern world.

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