Healing for the Heroes

2020 took an immense toll on an already burdened and broken healthcare system.

Nurses, doctors, orderlies, CNAs, and all manner of healthcare workers have been stretched to the brink. Families across the world are grieving their loved ones, and the healthcare professionals who proctor their last breath are grieving along with us. Hospitals are understaffed and ill-equipped. There is no rest for the weary. And yet, these healthcare workers continue on.

In collaboration with Orlando Grief Care Project, Sage Mountain launched the Healing for the Heroes project in Summer 2020, to distribute herbal remedies and emotional support to frontline workers touched by tragedy, including:

  • firefighters battling raging infernos on the West Coast
  • public school teachers navigating new classroom formats, children with increased needs and anxieties, and a community criticism
  • organizers in inner cities uplifting communities infected by racial injustice
  • and the heartbeat of our program today – nurses and healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The support of an herbal ally, an aromatic spray, or a flower essence is but a drop in the bucket, in comparison to the flood of hardship and heartache these healthcare workers are facing. But as herbalists, these are the tools we know and the tools we grow. They are one small contribution we can make, in gratitude to the sacrifice these professionals are making on our behalf, day in and day out, across the country.

Healing for the Heroes prepares herbal kits distributed through individual healthcare settings and organizations such as nursing associations. These kits contain herbal remedies to support the nervous system, emotional wellness, mental resilience. They include simple and accessible preparations such as herbal teas, sachets, sprays, and elixirs. We package them with inspirational texts, battery-powered candles safe for use in a hospital break room or hospice facility, and a list of referral resources for mental health support.

To date, we have distributed over 10,000 packages, with hopes to expand our outreach in 2021 to ten times that. With a mission of conservation, education, and healing, Sage Mountain hopes to bring healing to the human spirit in 2021 through this project, to the professionals who sacrifice on the front line for the healing of our country, that they may know the support of the plants to cultivate peace, resilience, and healing in their own hearts through this extraordinary and historical marathon of service.

Want to enroll your nurse or a group of healthcare workers in our program? Contact us to request an application.

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