Meet our Staff

Justin Cornett, Afterschool in Nature Education Director

Originally from the Southwest, Justin is fascinated with how the special meeting place of culture, history, place, and natural environment influences our connection with nature and community.

He discovered his passion for environmental education and justice while leading student science programs in the Sonoran Desert and bosques along the Rio Grande beginning in 2002. Before returning to school to receive his degree in History, he operated as a small-scale beekeeper specializing in moving wild swarms and beehives to safety.

His wide range of interests eventually led him to apprentice and perform with several established puppetry theaters as a puppeteer, builder, and educator, leading countless theater art residences for grades K-12.

Additionally, he has also been a wilderness therapy guide for youth, an instructional assistant at a trauma-informed school for students navigating emotional and learning issues, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder (SOLO).

Overjoyed to now call Vermont home, he currently lives in Montpelier with his wife, dog, and son and is excited beyond belief to continue his years-long journey as a guide and teacher with the Sage Mountain Afterschool In Nature Program.

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